Celestial Chronicles

Celestial Chronicles [Manga]

Alternative Titles:Tenkū no Monogatari, Tales of the Celestials
Story of: Celestial Chronicles

In the celestial expanse of Lumindor, where stars weave tales of destiny, a mesmerizing saga unfolds in the pages of "Celestial Chronicles." This enthralling manga embarks readers on an extraordinary odyssey through a realm where celestial beings and mortal realms intertwine, bound by the threads of a cosmic tapestry.


The story centers around Lyra, a young stargazer with an insatiable curiosity for the mysteries of the universe. One fateful night, she stumbles upon a long-lost celestial artifact, the Celestia Amulet, which grants her the ability to traverse the realms of time and space. Guided by an ethereal oracle named Seraphel, Lyra embarks on a journey to restore balance to Lumindor, threatened by the looming shadows of an ancient malevolence.


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